DZC demagnetizing coils

Demagnetizing coils of various dimensions and performance are intended for use in NDT or production of goods made from ferromagnetic materials to decrease their residual magnetic field (demagnetize).

In our offer you will find demagnetizing coils of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Two demagnetization modes are available – interrupted or constant (activation time % = 10-100).

Demagnetizing coils are produced in several versions according to the customer demand: with control panel, control box, feed device for objects which is to be demagnetized etc. To increase efficiency of demagnetization it is possible to equip the coil with control box with frequency converter of demagnetizing current.

Examples of products

DZC 800DZC 1200

DZC AC 130DZC AC 150

DZC 29DZC 06


 DZC 1820ZDC 120


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