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UV lamps Spectroline

QUADRAN™ 365 Seria

Quadrant™ 365 Series lamps feature four ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs plus a convenient white light LED to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location.

Function dual-intensity feature provides both high and standard UV-A and white light ouptup for added versatility. The lamps´ broad-beam configuration produces an extremely wide coverage area, making them ideal for both handheld and in-line applications. Models are available either with or without integral black light filters to meet your specific inspection requirements.

Spectroline QUADRAN on offer

Order CodeDescription
UVSP01020 Spectroline QDR-365/F QUADRAN UV Inspection Lamp
UVSP01020_BLA Spectroline QDR-365BLA/F QUADRAN UV Inspection Lamp
UVSP01020_SC Spectroline QDR-365SC QUADRAN ASTM E3022
UVSP01031 Spectroline replacement filter for QDR-365BLA QUADRAN


Spectroline Quadran 365QUADRAN™ 365 Series


  • intensity UV-A 8000uW/cm2, standard setting produces intensity UV-A 4500 µW/cm², both at 15 inches 
  • lafge coverage area of up to 6 inches, with a minimum UV-A intensity of 2 000 µW/cm²
  • low visible light emission - less than 2 foot-candles (22 lux)
  • quick and easy control
  • bulit-in fan keeps LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use
  • rugged, modular construction allows for easy field serviceability
  • rubber bumper wiht Borofloat glass lens protects LEDs from damage
  • light source: 4 UV-A LEDs, 1 white light LED
  • lamp head (W x H): 6 x 5.5 in (15 x 14cm)
  • length: 10 in (25cm)
  • weight:  3 lb (1.36kg)
  • white light LED intensity: High setting: 3,229 lux, Low setting: 108 lux
  • battery pack: typ 12V, NiMH (rechargeable)
  • run time: High intensity: 2.5 hours (continuous), Standard intensity: 4.5 hours (continuous)
  • charge time: 2 hours

 Spectroline Quadran 365Spectroline Quadran 365


  • lamp handle pin receptable allows for easy attachment of various Spectroline mounting accessories (accessories sold separately)
  • choice of standard 8 foot (2.4 m) or extra-long 20 foot (6.1 m) heavy-duty power cord with AC plug and rubber boot
  • also available optional industrial power supply of in-line power supply with cord sets (sold separately)
  • all power supplies available in 120V, 230V, 240V a 100V models
  • UV-absorbing spectacles and soft carrying case included Spectroline


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