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UV meter UV-365M

UV-365M is portable UV meter, powered by batteries, which is designed for measuring of UV radiation intensity of the wavelength 365 nm.

It is a professional and high quality measuring device. It measures within 2 ranges: 1.999 mW/cm2 and 19.99 mW/cm2. Thanks to a detachable probe it press measuring of UV radiation in optimum position. The probe can be connected directly to the device or to an extension cable. The measured value can be easily read on the LCD display. 

Benefits of devices

  • high thermal stability (temperature compensation probe)
  • high accuracy of up to 5%
  • sensitivity of probe - the peak of 365nm / ± 5nm attenuation of -3dB
  • detachable sensor, the possibility of extension 0,5 m cable 
  • very little power from the battery (about 1 mA)
  • operating time 


UV meters 365MUV meters 365M

Technical parameters

display LCD 13mm, 3.5 characters, maximum indication 1999, blue backlight
measuring ranges  0 ... 19,99mW/cm²
spectrum of UV sensor calibrated for 365nm ± 2nm
accuracy the device with aspect for measuring inaccuracies meets the 5 class qualities
structure of the sensor UV photodiode 365nm
sampling time  approximately 0.4s
indication of exceeding the range indication „1“
low battery indication "LOBAT" on display
operating temperature 5 - 40°C
operating humidity max. 82%RH
power supply 9V typ IEC 6F22 or 6LR61 9V
power consumption 1,2mA
controlling 2 buttons (On/Off, reset)
operation time cca 250 / 500 hours (normal/alkaline battery)
automatic switch off approximately 5 minutes after switching on
size 79 x 118 x 25mm
cable length 50cm
weight 155g


UV meters 365MUV meters 365M

Standard delivery includes

The UV 365M, probe, cable. The device can be supplied with calibration certificate.

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