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PTS MPI Measuring SET

Control parameters and conditions of magnetic particle inspection with PTS equipment kit. We offer the kit, provided with case and including all necessary gauges and probes, at the best price! 

PTS equipment kits are universal for use in magnetic particle inspection with application of non-fluorescent indicating materials (magnetic powders) – inspection in visible light as well as in magnetic particle inspection with application of fluorescent indicating materials (magnetic powders) – inspection in ultraviolet light. PTS kits are delivered in plastic cases and, depending on the type of equipment, they allow to test the following parameters and conditions:


MH175 magnetometer

Device for measurement of direct (alternating) magnetic fields including residual magnetic field of parts and products during nondestructive testing by magnetic methods or after demagnetization.

LXmax 130 Luxmeter

LXmax 130 digital luxmeter allows to measure intensity of visible (white) light within the range 0 – 50000 lx (0 – 5000 ft-cd), has 3 measurement limits.

UV-365M UV light intensity gauge

Digital ultraviolet light ("black" light) intensity gauge for wavelength 365nm. Measurement ranges: 0...1,999mW/cm², 0... 19,99mW/cm².

Berthold gauge

This is a simple instrument for testing effectiveness of magnetic particle inspection method, the gauge allows to check direction of magnetization (direction of magnetic lines of force) and detection of flaws.

MTU-№3 probe

Intended for controlling performance of the testing indicator means – magnetic particle suspension.

ASTM flask (with support)

The flask is intended for controlling quantity of sediment of magnetic particle suspension (concentration of magnetic powder) and controlling contamination. ASTM flask is a hollow glass unit of pear-shaped form of 160 mm length open upwards, having cylindric bottom, with scale graded in millilitres.

Custom equipment. You can also choose equipment of the case with gauges and measurement devices by individual order. All necessary types of devices and gauges (for example, equipment with ASTM or ANSI KETOS-Ring probe) and also their quantity can be agreed with you when you contact our company’s representatives.

PTS Set MT měřidelPTS Set MT měřidel
PTS Set MT měřidelPTS Set MT měřidel

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